Urban Entrepreneurship through the Gardens

Within the framework of the Summer course: Urban Entrepreneurship – Opportunities in times of uncertainty, organised by the Centre for Entrepreneurship – C4E, University of Cyprus and the Urban Gorillas. During the course, University students had the opportunity to address urban challenges, understand social entrepreneurship and develop their bussines ideas.

We were delighted to accomodate, Urban Gorillas aspiring entrepreneurs at the Gardens space. We shared our story and we introduced essential principles of entrepreneurship through the garden experience ( learn from failure, be resilient, experiment, be patient).

The thematic of the projects evolved around: life quality and opportunities for an ageing population, migrant inclusion, opportunities in under-utilised spaces including roofscapes, innovative uses of public space, and disabled citizens, isolation and other problems they face.

Film and photo credits: Nafsika Hadjichristou

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